Be Involved And Make A Difference

What can you do to protect and ensure the integrity of every vote cast ? 

Every election over 350 Wilson County voters are trained to be poll officials at the four Early Voting sites and the 18 Election Day Vote Centers. You can join them and take an active role in the administration of elections in Wilson County. To serve as a Poll official you must be a Wilson County resident, be registered to vote and enjoy working with people. Poll workers represent all demographics of our county. There are voters from both political parties working at every polling place. Many poll workers have served for multiple election cycles and have seen tremendous changes in election administration over the years. Poll workers in Wilson County are well trained and competent in their jobs. As a result, they take great pride in the accuracy and details involved with their part in election administration. Being a member of this elite group will give you the ability to have a direct and personal impact on the administration of elections in Wilson County. To join the team click here- Poll Worker Application

Several times each year, the Election Commission holds an Election Institute at their office in Lebanon. The Institute is an in-depth presentation about how elections are administered in Wilson County. The class is an all day experience that goes into the details of voter registration, election preparation, poll worker training and the many other aspects of elections that occur every day. Participating in this Institute will give you the information and background required to better understand the “sound bites” heard about elections in the media. Much of the “news” about elections is generalized to fit the story being presented. In Tennessee, each county represents a unique election jurisdiction. State election law provides the framework for elections and each county determines what voting system, poll configuration, etc. best meet the needs of their voters. What works best for the biggest cities doesn’t necessarily function well in the most rural counties.  You’ll come away from the Election Institute with appreciation for the details of the process in Wilson County. Being a part of this class will give you the ability to educate others about the election processes in our county.

Ask questions of those that have the ability, knowledge and experience to answer them.  Attending the Election Institute is a good first step to answering your questions. Academics have a tremendous amount of theoretical knowledge but usually very little, if any, practical experience. They work in a controlled environment relying on computer models and statistical data alone without the context of the real world. There is great benefit in listening to the pundits, academics and activists as they postulate about what happened, what’s happening or what’s going to happen. However, to protect the integrity of your vote, you must apply that information to the reality in your jurisdiction. Ask the questions- Is this situation legal in Tennessee? What safeguards are in place to prevent this from occurring here? Is this system and/or procedures used in our county? How are these situations handled In Wilson County? Etc. General statements and data about elections is interesting and thought provoking but can be detrimental to electoral confidence if not seen through the lens of reality and locality.

No matter what other activities you participate in, voting is necessary. Voting in all elections is important. Historically, turnout is larger every four years for the presidential election. In past elections Wilson County has reached a s high as 75% turnout.

Participating in elections as an informed voter, voting and even being a poll worker directly contribute to ensuring the integrity of your vote. Once the election is over the real work begins for the successful candidate and for you. To impact elections and their results you must become informed and involved with your government.

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