Voting Begins on October 19th

Voting Begins on October 19th

Lebanon, TN – Early Voting for the November 8th Federal and State General Election and the   Lebanon., Mt Juliet and Watertown Municipal Elections begins on Wednesday, October 19th at all four convenient Early Voting sites in Wilson County.

Early Voting has become a tradition among Wilson County voters. As the population and number of registered voters in Wilson County continues to grow, providing adequate polling places and a great voting experience is a challenge for the Election Commission. The four Early Voting sites as well as the 18 Election Day Vote Centers provides a convenient voting experience for Wilson County voters.

Registered Wilson County voters may vote at any of the four locations during the Early Voting period regardless of where they live. Having four sites for Early Voting means voters can vote on their way to or from work, when they pick up or drop off the children at school, when shopping or just at a convenient time and day during the Early Voting period.  On Election Day, voters may cast their ballot at any of the 18 Vote Centers. Not having an assigned polling location allows Wilson County voters the freedom to exercise their right to vote in the most convenient way possible. 

The Federal and State General Election ballot includes the candidates that won the Republican and Democratic Federal and State Primaries in August as well as all Independent candidates. The contests include candidates for the 5th and 6th US Congressional Districts, Tennessee Governor, State Senate and the candidates for Tennessee House districts 40, 46 and 57. There will also be four Tennessee Constitutional questions on the ballot.

Councilmen for Lebanon City Wards 3, 4 and 6, Mt Juliet Commissioners for Districts 2 and 4, and three Watertown Commissioners will make up the Lebanon, Mt Juliet and Watertown municipal ballots. Voters that live within the city limits and in the Wards or Districts being elected will have candidates on their ballot. Watertown Commissioners are elected at large. 

Lebanon and Mt Juliet redistricted and adopted new Ward and District boundaries in 2021. Both Lebanon and Mt Juliet have information on their websites to inform city residents about redistricting and who their representatives are.  

Four Amendments to the Tennessee Constitution will be on everyone’s ballot in November. They will be presented as Yes or No questions. A yes vote is a vote to amend the Constitution and adopt the proposed language in the amendment. A no vote is a vote not to amend the Constitution and keep the current language in the Constitution unchanged. 

A simple majority of Yes votes or No votes does not determine if the amendments are adopted or rejected. Two things must happen for an amendment to pass and become part of the Constitution. The first is the amendment must receive more Yes votes than No votes. The second is that the number of Yes votes must be a majority of the total votes in the gubernatorial election. To determine the number of votes needed to adopt a proposed Constitutional amendment, votes for all candidates for governor statewide are added together and then divided by two. If there are more yes votes than no votes on the proposed amendment and the number of yes votes exceeds 50%+1 of the total votes for governor, the amendment passes and becomes part of the Constitution. The Constitutional amendment fails if the number of yes votes does not meet or exceed the threshold, or if there are more no votes than yes votes.

The Election Commission website has easy access to the Sample Ballot for the November 8th election. Voters can visit and click on the Sample Ballot link on the home page. There is, also, a District Lookup tool available at to aide voters in determining which of the State and Federal and/or municipal candidates they will be eligible to vote for in this election.

Early Voting for the November 8th, 2022 election is October 19th through November 3rd. The four convenient Early Voting sites in Wilson County are- Lebanon at 203 E Main St- Mt. Juliet at 1075 Charlie Daniels Pkwy- Gladeville at the Community Center – Watertown at the Community Center. All locations are open from Monday through Friday 8am until 6pm and on Saturday’s from 8am until 1pm. On Election Day voters may cast their vote at one of the 18   convenient Vote Centers located throughout the county. 

The last day to register to vote for the November 8, 2016 election was October 11th. To learn more about elections, voting and how you can be involved with Wilson County elections contact the Wilson County Election Commission at 615-444-0216 or online at

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