Wilson County Political Parties Call For Primary Elections

Lebanon, TN –The Wilson County Republican and Democratic Parties Executive Committees filed their letters with the Election Commission calling for a Republican and Democratic Primary to be held on March 5, 2024. The deadline for the local parties to give notice to the Election Commission of their intention to hold a county primary was June 20th. The local primary will include Wilson County Property Assessor, School Board members for Zones 1, 3 ,5 and 7 and at at-large member of the Lebanon Special School Board. 

Candidates for any eligible office who run as a member of the Republican, Democratic party or as an Independent may begin picking up their petitions on October 16, 2023 and will have until December 14, 2023 at NOON to file.  The only candidates included on the March 5, 2024 county primary ballot will be those seeking the nomination of the political party that have requested a primary election. The winners of the March 5, 2024 county primary will appear on the August 1, 2024 Wilson County General Election ballot as their party nominee along with any Independent candidates that qualified on December 14, 2023.

Primary elections are nominating elections that are established and administered according to state law. Tennessee Code defines “primary election" as an election held for a political party for the purpose of allowing members of that party to select a nominee or nominees to appear on the general election ballot. Those eligible to vote in primaries are voters who are bona fide members of or affiliated with the political party in whose primary they seek to vote; or voters who, at the time they seek to vote, declares allegiance to the political party in whose primary they seek to vote and states that they intend to affiliate with that party. Voters who are not affiliated with either party and consider themselves Independents don’t participate in the primary election. They have their vote counted in the August General Election.

The winner of the party primary election goes on to represent their party in the general election. The general election is the election where all voters- Republican, Democratic and Independents- make the final choice between the party and Independent candidates for a specific office. The winner of the general election will take office on September 1, 2024.

“We encourage anyone with questions about primary elections, qualifying as a candidate, how to be an active part of the election process as a poll worker to contact the Wilson County Election Commission,” said Tammy Smith, Administrator of Elections.

To gain an in-depth understanding of how elections are administered in Wilson County the Election Commission will be offering a one day Election Institute on Saturday, August 12th. The class covers every aspect of elections in an informal interactive setting. Information and the sign-up form can be found at https://www.wilsonelections.com/election-institute

The Election Commission offer programs about elections and voting for any interested group. To schedule your group presentation, ask questions about election related issues or learn how you can be involved contact the Wilson County Election Commission by calling 615-444-0216, emailing [email protected] , online at www.WilsonVotes.com or in person at 230 E Gay St in Lebanon.      

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